The Unknown Known from Lauren on Vimeo.

This animation is about how we extract information from the everyday and they reappear animated and connected in our dreams. In progressing this piece I became very interested in the unconscious and consciousness and found that the surreal in life is much presented as surreal in work. To represent the untouchable within reality, one must step back from the linear that is reality.

Embed from Lauren on Vimeo.

Embed looks into the trickery of the mind; how our unconscious utilizes our conscious awareness and creates nonsense out of supposed sense within our dreams. Based on nightmares it challenges our internal action of representation in order to example how innately we react to and comprehend the two dimensional representation of the photographic image. Through construction of a nonsense narrative in a linear progression this piece examples our tendency to complete the incomplete, and form structure and meaning in something that perhaps has neither.

The Saccade and Perception from Lauren on Vimeo.

This video challenges how we make sense of the whole based on only a fragment of it. It looks into how we complete the incomplete of the frame based on knowledge already acquired from experience.
In constructing this piece i have explored digital and physical construction of the stop motion sequence.

Time and The Still Image from Lauren on Vimeo.

For this project i wanted to give time back to the still image, to create motion in its lack. I used my previous study of the photograph as object and continued my narrative from there. This animation explores the restrictive possibilities of the photograph whilst also highlighting the nature of its form. As an image it whithholds a lot, as an object it can perhaps reveal more.